What Body Type Am I ?
5-Element Fashion Quiz Part 1
Which geometric shape describes your best? *

Read each description.  Choose which one describes you most. *

Read each description.  Choose which one describes you most. *

Which emotion do you feel FIRST and the MOST often? *

Which body response are you likely to have when you’re under stresses? *

Now scroll back up, there's a letter at the end of each of your choices, add up how many times each letter appears and fill them in greatest to least, dividing them each with commas.

Type your answer here.
Using this decoder, write down each word from greatest to least, dividing them by commas. *

E = Earth
M = Metal
W= Water
WD = Wood
F = Fire

Type your answer here.
Full Name *

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Second, you can schedule a free 15 minute Style Consultation with me, Francesca oh!

You can ask me your pressing style questions and I can explain first hand what's up and how it works with your Body Type. 

Here's the direct link to my scheduler.  I suggest you copy and paste it to your browser now, because once you send it into the cloud, hmm, I'm not so sure what happens. ;-D


And when your totally ready, don't forget to hit the SUBMIT button! A mistake even tech gurus make.  :-)

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